Common Name:  Zebrawood

Scientific Name:  Microberlinia brazzavillensis

Description:  As you would guess, Zebrawood is light brown or cream color with dark blackish brown streaks resembling a zebra’s stripes.


Common Name:  Yellowheart

Scientific Name:  Euxylophora paraensis

Description:  Commonly referred to as Pau Amarello and/or Brazilian Satinwood, this wood is a consistent yellow color.


Common Name:  Wenge

Scientific Name:  Millettia laurentii

Description:  Often used as a substitute for Ebony, Wenge becomes nearly black after applying an oil finish.


Common Name:  Sipo/Utile

Scientific Name:  Entandrophragma utile

Description:  This African specie is commonly referred to as Utile, Sipo, and/or Sipo Mahogany.  We stock flat sawn and quarter sawn lumber.

* Available as FSC® Certified upon request.


Common Name:  Shedua

Scientific Name:  Guibourtia ehie

Description:  Shedua has many aliases.  Ovangkol and Amazique are commonly used.


Common Name:  Padauk

Scientific Name:  Pterocarpus soyauxii

Description:  African Padauk has a reddish orange coloration which is guaranteed to darken to a deep reddish brown.


Common Name:  Ipe

Scientific Name:  Handroanthus spp.

Description: Where we stock Kiln Dried Ipe, the majority of this lumber is sold as air dried decking for exterior applications.  It’s the wood of extremes.  It is extremely dense and durable, as well as extremely difficult to machine.

Grandis Eucalyptus*

Common Name:  Grandis Eucalyptus

Scientific Name:  Eucalyptus urograndis

Description:  Grandis Eucalyptus is a plantation grown hardwood also known as Red Grandis.  The wood has excellent machining properties and glues well.

* Available as FSC® Certified upon request.

Goncalo Alves

Common Name:  Goncalo Alves

Scientific Name:  Astronium spp.

Description:  Goncalo Alves is also known as Brazilian Tigerwood.  Density, mechanical properties, and color can vary depending on source region.

Genuine Teak

Common Name:  Genuine Teak

Scientific Name:  Tectona grandis

Description:  Genuine Teak is also known as Burmese Teak, unless it is grown in plantations.  Teak is a worldwide favorite for exterior applications.