Strength Matters

Using TimberStrand® LSL in structural millwork projects will result in a finished product that is not only strong, but resists bowing, twisting and shrinking. TimberStrand® LSL is best in class for structural composite lumber. 

More Efficient 

TimberStrand® LSL is created using an innovative manufacturing process, which removes knots and other defects that can cause warping and creates large billets of material that can be cut to custom sizes. TimberStrand® LSL’s consistent density makes it easily machinable for any project, which, in the end, saves both time and money. 


From furniture and stairway components to cabinets and crating for exports, TimberStrand® LSL is ideal for millwork projects where strength and straightness is imperative. 

Consistent Price/Supply 

While the price and supply of most wood products can fluctuate frequently, TimberStrand® LSL has a history of more consistent availability and pricing for industrial markets. 

TimberStrand® LSL 38#

General, Physical & Mechanical Property Specifications


(1) Values indicated above are NOT design values (2) Thickness change of linear expansion specimens from 50% to 90% relative humidity. (3) Screw withdrawal values are based on testing a 12# x 2” wood screw with 11 threads per inch of screw length. (WDMA TM-10). (4) Values shown are approximate and are not suitable for structural design purposes.